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    Did you see the announcment?

    Discuss the contest here!


    The deadline for entries has been extended to September 7th, 2006, Midnight EST

    Announcing the TreoCentral wiki!

    If you've ever visited a website called Wikipedia, you've used a wiki. We're doing the exact same thing, except with Treos! A wiki is a collaborative content management system - any user can edit any page to ad their own thoughts and comments on an issue. A wiki is a living document, unencumbered by editors on vacation, its limits are only the limits of the 55,000 TreoCentral members. Maybe you are not the best Treo whiz, but you may be able to catch and fix a spelling or grammatical error. Most importantly, as the system is linked to our discussion board, it builds community.
    We're announcing this on the boards first for a couple of reasons:

    - Much of what's on there now comes from the TreoCentral FAQ - which is a short way to say that it's a little outdated.
    - We'd like you, our community, to help out!

    Your login information for the discussion boards also applies to the wiki, so there's no need to set up a new account. Head on over to the Community Portal to find out about how to edit the wiki.

    Wiki Contest!
    The TreoCentral store has graciously offered to sponsor a contest! The user who submits the single most comprehensive, informative, and original body of articles will win the grand prize! Ten randomly-selected users will win a runner-up prize. All users to make an edit will be entered for the runner-up prizes automatically. (See Complete Rules Below).

    Grand Prize: One winner
    Grand prize will be the TreoCentral Starter Kit plus a whole smorgasbord of other accessories. It all adds up to an MSRP value of nearly $500.00!

    The TreoCentral Starter Kit includes:
    - Palm Compact Wireless Headset
    - Palm Cradle Kit
    - Palm 1800mAh Extra Battery
    - Palm Vehicle Charger
    - Palm Headphone Adapter
    - Treo Screen Protectors (3-Pack)
    - Retractable S&C Cable (w/Button)
    - P6 Pouch Case

    The Grand Prize also includes:
    - a SmartPhone Experts Skin Case (700)
    - a Helix Holster
    - a SmartPhone Experts Leather Hard Case (650 or 700)
    - a Dane-Elec 512mb SD card
    - A SmartPhone Experts Pen Stylus Pack (650 OR 700)
    Runner-up Prize: Ten winners
    The prize for each of the runners-up will be the Palm Compact Wireless Headset

    To qualify for the Runner-up Prizes:
    All users who make even a minor edit will be automatically entered for a chance to win one of the runner-up prizes. Every edit is another entry! The 10 winners will be randomly selected from all users who make an edit between now and Midnight EST, September 7th.

    To qualify for the Grand Prize:
    Create or edit any article(s) at the TreoCentral wiki at or before Midnight EST, September 7th, 2006. In order to qualify, your additions must:

    - Be substantial (at least 250 words per article is a good target).
    - Contain helpful, interesting, and accurate information.
    - Be original. Any article whose content is copied and pasted from another site or another user's forum post will be automatically disqualified. (Copying from your own forum posts is fine!)
    - Cite sources where applicable.
    - Ideally, your article will also address as many models of the Treo as possible. (For example, an article about data speed would address / link to information about 1xRTT GPRS, EVDO, UTMS, etc.)
    - Be sure to copy and save all of your writing locally! Wikis are community-edited so it's possible that your article may change after you've written it.

    Then simply submit the following to at or before Midnight EST, September 7th. ONE grand prize entry per user please - We will only use first email you send for grand prize judging, so send with care!

    From: The email address you are registered with. Note that you must send this email from the same email address that you've registered with on the discussion boards.
    Subject: TC Wiki Contest Entry, YOURUSERNAME
    Body: A list of links to the entries you've edited. Underneath each link, the full text that you originally entered.
    All entries for the grand prize will be judged based on the following criteria:

    - Quality and accuracy of the information in the articles
    - Comprehensiveness (i.e. do your articles address multiple Treo models?)
    - Links to other articles in the wiki
    - Quality of writing - (i.e. is it accessible to a general audience? Is it well-written?)
    - Number of articles (but we're looking for quality, not quantity!)

    I will choose the top five entries and then a group of TreoCentral staff will take a look at them and choose the winners. The announcement of the winners will be made on September 9th, 2006 - the 7th anniversary of the founding of VisorCentral.

    - Employees and contractors of TreoCentral or its affiliates are not eligible.
    - We cannot substitute prizes.
    - US residents only (sorry!)

    The following things will disqualify your entries (and likely result in a permanent ban):

    - Violating copyright by copying and pasting content from other sites or users.
    - Indiscriminately deleting or editing out other people's entries and replacing them wholesale with your own.
    - Creating multiple accounts or otherwise attempting to enter more than once.


    So share your Treo knowledge and let's remind everybody why TreoCentral has the best and brightest users on the web! Let the Wiki'ing begin!
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    I wrote a quick thing on VNC, the link was empty.

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    Cool idea...I nominate Jack to write something :-)
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    Monday Morning Bump. I posted the contest on Friday afternoon (the "dead zone" of news time) and I know a lot of folks just go straight to "view new posts" and may not see the announcement.
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    A couple of notes:

    It occurs to me that maybe I wasn't 100% clear in the rules: the idea is that the more entries you make, the more chances you have to win. At the end of the contest, when I wrote that I'll be looking at the "body" of entries, I meant that I'll be looking at all of the articles written or edited by each user in total.

    the TreoCentral Store is giving away over a thousand dollars worth of stuff here. Likely many of you have written posts on these forums that would, with minimal editing, make *great* wiki articles. Putting stuff on a wiki is actually pretty simple - the markup is just as easy (if not easier) than the markup used on the forums here. If you have questions about how to do it, you can always PM me.

    Heck, I even started an AIM account when I re-started here - aimseptimus. Feel free to bug me on that too.
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    Bump: I know Friday is a slow day, but I'll remind folks about this contest here anyway. I'll also mention that editing a wiki shouldn't be intimidating, it's rather easy. For now, there's a quick how-to here:

    and I'll likely update it over the weekend to try to make it even more user-friendly.

    Remember, *any* edit qualifies you for a prize!

    Again, full details here:
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    Deadline Extended to Sept. 7th, Midnight EST. I'm announcing it on the Treocentral Frontpage very soon and we will hopefully get our menubar links updated today as well.
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    It appears that those of us with [brackets] in our login names can't login to the wiki. Any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by [ls] View Post
    It appears that those of us with [brackets] in our login names can't login to the wiki. Any suggestions?
    Ha Ha! I was going to start looking for users with specialized characters.

    The wiki can't allow usernames with specialized characters - brackets, amersands, slashes, etc.

    PM me the name you'd like to switch to and I can take care of it for ya. Unfortunately, we've tied vBulletin and the Wiki together too tightly to allow for different logins.
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    I made a page in Sprint. I try to add more but it seem there are so many pages empty I don't know where to start.

    How do you post a picture in wiki?

    BTW the reason I start making contribution in wiki is that I get so pissed off at the negativity toward Palm around the net whenever a Treo news come out. Slashdot, digg, Arstechnica, whatever. A bunch of morons who jump on Treo.

    Why waste time argue with them, I rather do some positive work.
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    A reminder: there's only one week left in the wiki contest - it ends now at midnight EST on Sept 7th.

    We've seen a little spike in activity since posting to the frontpage - but your chances of winning a prize are still remarkably good - get editing!
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    It occurs to me that a quicker set of wiki instructions might be helpful. I just PM'd this to another user, might get folks started faster than the standard Community Portal instructions page.

    The wiki system is super intuitive - but only once you've done it for awhile. Before that it feels a little ..foreign.

    There's some directions here: . See especially the pdf cheat sheet/

    But basically here's the deal: if you see a red link, that means it's a dead page that needs adding. Click on it and then click the edit tab to add stuff. Putting double brackets around words makes them auto-link to other articles.

    If you want to write an article and there doesn't seem to be a link to it yet, best practice is to just add one. For example, if you wanted to make a [[WM email application options]] page, add that to, say, the Advanced Users page and then click on it after you save your edit. Then you can edit the article.

    Basically I'm keeping a relatively close eye on the RSS feeds so don't worry about screwing stuff up. That's why it's a wiki - it can always be fixed.
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    ..just two days left to enter...
  14.    #14 day...
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    ....almost done!
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    So whatever happened to that contest? I poked around a bit today, didn't see any names, so I'm assuming I've long since missed the festivities!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode View Post
    So whatever happened to that contest? I poked around a bit today, didn't see any names, so I'm assuming I've long since missed the festivities!
    All the insanity with a new treo coming out every two point five days pushed the judging back a bit. We'll be announcing the winners on Wednesday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by septimus View Post
    All the insanity with a new treo coming out every two point five days pushed the judging back a bit. We'll be announcing the winners on Wednesday.

    Hmm, I'd better check my math then, I got every root three over three days! Let's see, take the integral from negative infinity to positive infinity convert to polar coordinates...

    Thanks for the update... haven't had much time lately to be on these forums as often as I'd like... but I suppose that's a good thing for those who'd like to ask what the blinking snowflake is...

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