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    Row Away.
    Don't get sucked Under.
    The Ship has Sunk.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode
    I agree that the insulting issue needs to be addressed, and KRs original post was respectable. However, I find that the singling out of one user who has not violated the TOS to the strictest sense by a mod is more insulting than any flame ever could be. I understand where KRs post and ideology comes from, and I can respect that, but what does it show when immediately after such a post he violates the TOS to such a point where a member no longer feels welcome? I feel a public apology from KR is in order.
    I'm afraid I don't know what you are referring to when you say I broke our guidelines. If I did so, of course I will apologize as I never mean to do anything wrong. However, I will defend my issuing a warning because I want to give people the chance to at least be alerted of a change in practice prior to getting blindsided with a ban. It's not fair to start banning people for stuff that had not gotten them banned previously. I honestly thought I was helping people, and it certainly was not a threat. As for the "can" issue, I tried to lighten the mood a little bit, and if that was misguided/misinterpretted, again I apologize for that as well as it was not my intent.

    (I just saw this thread got locked. I didn't do it, but I respect the decision to lock it. Apologies for the appearance)
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