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    Today I started having to reenter my login info despite it being in my cookies when entering the forums on the site. (Sprint 700p). Other cookies seem to be intact. I even recopied over cookies from my backup. Any ideas? Not sure if this is a website problem or a Treo 700 problem.
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    I have ran into that problem before while upgrading from Treo 600 to 650. It has not happened since then. I can only suggest you delete your cookies (and yes that will also require you to re-enter all your passwords again, unless you have other ideas) as it may be corrupted.

    Or try going through and see if it would stay on the mobile side of the forum. Sometimes when it switches to full site, the passwords are prompted again. We don't really know what is happening on the server side of T/C as we're just moderators here.
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    I was having the same issue on the T650 and T700p, both Sprint phones.

    Having to reenter password and having it go from mobile version to full web.

    Haven't seen the problem for the past few days.....

    I'm thinking it was/is a TC issue with their server.


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    Happening at least half the time today. I deleted my cookies and replaced them with a saved version I have on SD. Still happening. All other cookies seem to be functioning normally.
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    Update: T/C is currently updating its servers. I don't know how long or when it started. I am relaying this based on conversation with one of the admins.

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