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    In order to make TreoCentral a better place for dining and dancing, two new front page ("Home") features were just implemented.

    1 - the number of headline stories on the front page has been expanded from
    seven to eleven. When reviews scroll off that list as new ones are added,
    they fall into a "bin" at the bottom of the page. Stores and Articles
    (non-review material) do not, and it made finding them difficult once they
    had scrolled off, although not impossible, since you just click on the
    "Stories" link on the top blue bar to find them all the way back to 1999, by
    month. Still, you could't search by author. (see below). This expansion of
    the number of headline stories on the front page will help keep non-review
    stories and articles on the front page longer. But it doesn't make the front
    page visually cluttered and confusing like so many other sites. It just
    makes it a little taller. yay

    b - you can now do a search by author. Click on About in the blue menu bar.
    On the next page, scroll down and you'll see a list of published authors,
    past and present. (Current authors are me, Marcus, James, Annie, Xious, Jay, Micahel, and Tim..) .. Click any name to see everything that person has ever had published. This makes it easy to see / send / search / bookmark a link of your favorite author or any authors' published stuff. It's the
    equivalent of a yearly index by authors that a print magazine might publish except it's constantly updated.. at least I think it is. We'll know if it's
    automatically updated when Jay's review of "Word Monaco" goes online today.
    Check his author link on the about page after it appears. If Word Monaco is
    on the list, then it auto-updates.

    III - Author photos and bios (if they choose to add them).. coming soon.

    I've been asking for these changes for months and just noticed they were
    implemented. You might not think this is a huge improvement, but I do, and my writers will.

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    The author page is a very nice feature and I'm glad to see it's there. On the other hand, it's clear that I'm a much better writer now than I was then. Funny how a few years go by and you forget about work that you've done. Time to go strolling down memory lane, when putting email on a PDA was a fresh, new idea.

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