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    my Treo is taking me to the full website instead of the mobile one? Is there a quick fix for this? I have done 5 soft resets and clearing bookmarks and cache too.
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    Me too. You can just add "?/style=12" to the URL, then bookmark it. Or you can go to the bottom of the page and select "-- TC Mobile" instead of "-- TC (v4)" in the (non-obvious) style drop down.
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    I think u r misunderstanding. I type into the browser. I get the mobile fourm to come up. After I select Forums (3) key Three. I am taken to the full treocentral website. I am just trying to pull up the Mobile Forums.
    But thx
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    thats what u get for getting another phone.

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    LOL. Maybe TC can sense my waivering PALM OS stand. If only the other phone was here. I'm sure I wouldn't have this issue.

    It is the 650 that is giving me fits
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    I may be able to relate to your problem.

    Are you experiencing it when you go in initially using the mobile version and get out of blazer to go to another app and come back to Blazer? For one reason or another, that happens to me only on the Treo 650 but not the Treo 600. The site must have been optimized for Treo 600 but not the Treo 650 or the current release of VBulletin T/C is using may not have the support for it (I am guessing as moderators don't have control of the application settings).

    In order to avoid that from occuring, I defaulted my initial Blazer display to be my Bookmarks, then I go to the TC mobile forum from there.

    As per robbalazs posting, I can, if I wanted to, force each type of style sheet to display by adding at tail end of the web address, either of the following &styleid=12 for mobile or &styleid=1 for full site. This helps me edit my post as I needed.

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    i get it early next week. Don't have it yet. Thx for the reply. But, this link takes me to the normal site. Every after a few resets. I wonder if the nokia will do this........
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    that did it. thx

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