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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    ...clip... I think the Verizon 700p will have more Hotsync issues than the Sprint 700p and that it will experience those issues first. If the 700p was going to have hotsync issues they would have announced it by now....when is the 700p updater coming out ? .... will this fix the hotsync issue ? Will the hotsync issues persist if I move the cable over to a USB2 port ? Is there a firewire / USB adapter for the 700p ? Will storing the Treo 700p in a holster upside down make the hotsyc issue worse ? Does the hotsync issue only occur if you use the built in GPS ? Your hotsync error screen messages are obvioulsy photoshopped. A Sprint employee told me that the flashing blue snowflake thingie means it's OK to hotsync and I won't have a problem as long as its flashing.
    All legit Thread Titles.
    Thanks, I will get started on Posting them right away.
    Do you think I should end the Thread Title Question with something like: 'PLEASE HELP!!!!' ?
    Just call me Berd.
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    The 700p forum is up. Any unrelated posting can be split off, moved, closed and/or deleted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    They just added five or six new Mods a few months back.
    So is Perry the New 700p Forum Mod?
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ButtUglyJeff
    Speaking of the new Trio, where's Bektek been. I'm feeling a little frisky. Grrrrr...........

    p.s. - gharrod, when was your avatar hyjacked?

    You ask that as if my whereabouts have anything to do with fulfilling your frisky feelings, sir, which I would like to make perfectly clear *is not the case* !

    And TrEo is spelled with an E!

    SprintPCS Centro
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    Any time you post your picture for an avatar...the creeps come I just wanted to bring the 700p forums back to life...the W's have taken over.
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    Processes in nature tend to favor low energy and high entropy. Given this fact, plus the historical evidence to the contrary, I'd say the liklihood of all remaining TC threads staying on topic is 0%.
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