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    Does anyone have any trouble getting the mobil version of the forum? It's really strange, I get the treocentral mobil page fine, all the news areas are fine and even the list of forums to choose from are fine. However, once I click on one of the forums it reverts back to the desktop version, the threads within each forum are that way as well.
    I checked on my desktop and it works fine so it's only on my treo that this happens....can anyone think of why (how) this could happen?
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    Same here. It used to work fine for me.
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    mobile version (all areas) works just fine for me....
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    Try clearing your cache. If that does not work, try clearing the cookies.
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    The other issue is that most of the links are based on full site version, that also creates sporadic problems on the mobile site.

    Please send email James Hromadka or Marcus for the site issues.
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    Clearing the cookies worked for me.
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    that worked thanks!

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