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    What has been working for you?
    What are some Tips and Tricks for finding what you're looking for?
    How do you find answers without starting a New Thread?

    Thanks in Advance.
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    This is a great thread to put at the begining with a title that reads:

    "NEWBIES: SEARCH these forums before you post your question, INSTRUCTIONS HERE ->"


    "Please search these forums for an answer before you post your question"



    or merely:

    "INSTRUCTIONS & TIPS to search these forums"


    But I must add that my searches have never given me a
    satisfactory collection of results. Most of the times I just
    give-up and search on google...

    For one thing, too many results pop-up and going through
    each one of them is a very SLOW process. I guess this is
    when people decide to start a new thread.

    There are some usability issues as well.

    - mvk
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    I use advanced and select show posts instead of threads and have never had an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voices Carry
    I use advanced and select show posts instead of threads and have never had an issue.
    I've been using this suggestion for quite some time now. It has really helped.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Many mention how they have difficulty finding what they are looking for.
    Does anybody else have some suggestions on how you find the Threads you're looking for?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I use Google. The Advanced search there let's you limit the search to You can then use Boolean, Case sensitive, exact phrase and other searches the way Google allows you to.

    I think that TC should licence the search capability from Google and ondex their site.
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    I almost exclusively use title searches.....if I looking to find something I alreday typed, once, twice....fifteen times , then I add me in the "posted by" box. Problem is, and I am guilty of this myself, peeps often don't put much thought intot hread titles....for example, i went to look for my post on the "2006 Phone Throwing Record" and I had posted the info under "Still msd at your Treo" or soemthing to that effect.

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