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    Any thoughts on a "Chat room" for the TreoCentral community. I know that there are a few of us who get into "discussions" at the same time in a particular message board that may be easily taken care of in a "chat room" setting, be it IRC or other. (Yes, I know you can private message people). Also, it would be nice to just have general 'Live chat' with other people with the same interests. Any thoughts?
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    Hmmm, that might be coolio. I've added people from TreoCentral to my IM list, so obviously a chat feature would interest me.
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    We tried a chat room a long time ago and found it to be nothing but a resource hog (on the server).

    I think it was decided back then that since this is a discussion forum, we'd leave the chat's to AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Those that want to chat can setup their screennames in their profile so others can reach them.
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    Other sites like and already have live chat rooms via java plugins/IRC etc. Although I agree it would be nice to have one hear though...
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    I had one set up that you could actually only access from your treo on my site at one time, but I don't think anyone really used it. If you want, I could re-open it, but I think it was a bit limited since you could only access it from your Treo.
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