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    Thanks to whoever is resonsible for the way TC's forums render in Blazer. It is easy to keep up to date with the forum activity (OK, not with the wildfire that was merlyn's 700p in my hands thread).

    If you want to cause yourself some brain damage, try the mobile versions of some of the other boards.

    I won't name names for the brain damage-inducing sites. 'HoFo!' 'Gesundheit!' :-) Oh yeah, and that other place that is proud of its vast number of members.

    Try browsing them on your Treo. Ouch.

    Anyway, thanks TC.
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    Yeah it is nice...I have asked other forums that use this software (vBulletin) to set up a mobile version as well.
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    Funny thing is, I've seen other vBulletin mobile versions, and they pale in comparison.

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    built for easy acess

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