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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Bummer dude.

    I'll change it now if you move the thread , otherwise I will cycle it out in few days.
    That's blackmailing
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    ps: NRG, can you bring back your prior avatar. Your current one is making my head hurt.
    I thot it was just me...but when I look at it my eyes really hurt....thot I was just getting old and crabby ... well I am getting old and crabby but I was thinking even older and crabbier than I had already assumed
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus
    For now, keep the discussion in the "Future Treos" forum - that is what it is for. Once we can independently verify the new Treo's name, there will be a specific forum and the moderators will move over the appropriate posts.
    \ ronbo2000 Your request for 700p forum has been granted by the Administrator.

    Do these two statements together mean that TC has independently verifie the P's name? have you guys touched it? seen it? is it fast?!? can I borrow it? lol.
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    I sure wish I could but I have not even seen or held one.
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    C'mon, you can tell a fellow
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