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    Just wondering why the TC reviews never seem to have enough comparative pics? For example the recent review of the Canon iP90 printer goes into great detail about how small the printer is...but it would still have been nice to see a pic comparing the size of the printer to the Treo for example. Same thing with reviews of BT headsets like the Jabra JX10 etc. I would like to see more comparative pics of devices like these and would prefer to rely exclusively on TC rather than other sites to see pics of these devices...

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    Hi. I wrote the iP90 Review. I'll shoot a picture of it with my Treo 650 sitting on top of it, for scale, and try to add it this weekend, but I gave its dimensions and said it wasn't much bigger than a hardback novel, so that should give you an idea of how small it is. In a review of a headset just below it, I had the reviewer find a female to model it, (something I think should be in every review of wearable gear - what does it look like on a human being, not just sitting on a table).. so everyone could see how it looked on a human head. That picture is in his review. I agree it's important to show scale on some items, I sell on eBay and often put a quarter next to an item to show its size and scale, but you almost always get the dimensions and weights in our reviews here. Writing is like painting. An artist stares at his work and has to decide at one point when it's finished. Is it ever really finished? Only the artist can decide he's done with it and move on to the next one. I've only been writing professionally for twenty years, so I'll try to do better

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