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    Here it is:

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    i already started a thread for you !! go take a look see !! lol
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    I enjoyed that game. My daughter and I were the only Packer's fans in a room of about 15 others. But they're all nice folk, so we got along fine.
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    That's awesome! I'm in Chicago, but they've been nice to me too (for the most part) but there's also a HUGE number of relocated WI Packer fans here.
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    Played QB most of my life (even in college) and am a big admirer of great QB play. Aaron Rodgers is just a joy to watch. Congrats to him and the rest of the Packers! They deserve it!

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    Niners, Alex Smith instead of Rodgers, local kid...grr...good job Pack!
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    My in-laws are from Pittsburgh and being a Seahawks fan I've had a tough last 5 years so this was pretty SWEET!
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    hello newman!
    after starring in the best super bowl commercial, you make another awesome wall

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