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    I only spent about 15 minutes on it.

    I had an idea of how I wanted it in my head and got it pretty close.

    Should I make more?
    They will all be very different , this one is pretty simple I know.
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    palm webos?? it's Hp webos now
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    Nice job! Darn right you should make more.

    Also, if you feel like messing around and don't have any ideas, there are almost always open requests over in
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    It looks really cool. Great job!
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    Heres another one that is simple.

    Took a few minutes.

    What do you think?
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    Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep making more. I'll check out the requests too.
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    Are you using GIMP, Photoshop, other?
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    Couldn't decide which one I liked most (the white one) so here some variation.

    Thanks for the positive feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noco37 View Post
    Are you using GIMP, Photoshop, other?
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    Forgot to post the one I liked most, the cleanest one.
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    Last one.
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    Heres a sceen cap of how the last one looks on my phone with some patches to make it full screen.

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    Very nice, Frank! They all look great
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    Any ideas for wallpapers let me know.
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    Looking good How about trying more 'Outer Space' style stuff?
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    All of you have a great work in this topic..
    Well i like the 2nd wallpaper is very much..
    Its colors are really very nice and charming..
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    Great work.
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    How did you get the lightning effect?
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    That was amazing made from photoshop! i wish i'm like you. Great job!

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