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    I can take a look at this.
    I will try to set it up to work with 2.0

    edit 2.0 fix here
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    I havent used those patches but if I am not mistaking, this patch just changes the regular background to an animated gif. So anything that sit on top of it (icons, words, etc.) shouldnt be effected.
    just wanted to confirm that i did apply both patches...full length battery and then animated topbar background and then work together just fine. thanks for all of the great work on these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warlord9159 View Post
    I can take a look at this.
    I will try to set it up to work with 2.0

    edit 2.0 fix here
    [patch] Animated Back Grounds for WebOS - Page 101 - PreCentral Forums
    Thanks, warlord!

    Someone has *got* to make one of these with a scrolling tricorder LED!
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    Unsupported file type or corrupted file
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    Quote Originally Posted by mewspre View Post
    Unsupported file type or corrupted file
    Find a different image and test.
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    Had this patch on quite a while ago, and I'm looking for the .ipk and where is it??? Looked in WOSQI.....not there, first post of this thread....not there.

    I want my old KITT light back!

    Ok I found it. I forgot that links are no longer highlighted/different color than rest of the text with this new blinding layout that P|C has now.

    @precentral: How about blue colored links so we can see them?!
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    Ive tried countless times to install this patch. Through internalz i try installing any of the patches it says "Error. Patch installation failed."

    Through webosqi: "ERROR:An error occurred while attempting to apply animated-topbar-210.patch

    1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/stylesheets/systemui.css.rej"

    2nd one also.

    Only the very original file worked. Were the others important?
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    I, too, am having problems installing this patch.

    Patch installation failed


    ...line 1: cannot open !DOCTYPE: no such file
    ...line 1: html: not found
    ...line 2: syntax error: newline unexpected

    What the Heck?!
    BTW, I'm using the tbbg.patch file on webos 1.4.5
    Help? Please?
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    installed 2.1.0 patch on pre3 with webos 2.2.3, and tried different gif files from this thread, but nothing happen. Spent half a day on it before calling it quits.
    pls. Fix warlord9151 this is a great patch.
    Thank you in advance
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