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    I have uploaded this preplus at&t wallpaper before, but this version is a little more shinny
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedicide View Post
    I found this one buried in the WebOSdoctor jar when I opened it with 7zip.
    nice one mate
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    me likey
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    o2 palm pre and pixi plus wallpaper? The one with grass and dew on it?
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    this amazed me! i found the wallpaper (props to whoever the author is) on google search and liked it so i added it. at the time i was using the 'hide quick launch' patch, but it looked too plain. so i decided to find something to go with it. there's a theme made by ezero0065 called 'glossy quick launcher' (props to him...or that is just the shelf the quick launch icons are sitting on. now here's the weird part...when i added that theme which put the quick launch shelf down there, the lights from the bottom of the wallpaper actually look like they reflect off the quick launch shelf!! i couldn't believe it!! i'm assuming the quick launch shelf is somewhat transparent so it let the lights shine thru as if they're reflecting under each icon!! when i added that wallpaper as the launcher scrim, it turned out that the icons sit perfectly on the shelves!! i plan on editing it to add a few more effects, but so far i thought it turned out cool!!
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    new wallpapers
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    Enter the hub!
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    I would appreciate it if someone could make a "The Who" Band Logo.
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    pink roses, skulls and ribbons
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    As long as you're logged in, each attachment in GIF, PNG, or JPG format should now have an email link that will send the wallpaper to you as an attachment!
    OK, I've had my pre+ just over 24 hours. I tried to download a jpg but it says I don't have anything to open it with. Do I need another app? Thanks.
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    Fabulous wallpaper, people! Thanks to all! (BTW, found the answer to my previous question. )
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    I can't believe that I've never seen this thread before. I just found so many good new wallpapers, I have 40 unread emails on my phone from all the email attachments I downloaded. Thanks to all that contributed, this is some great stuff. Heres one that I don't think I saw on here that I really like and use a lot.
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    I love these, but if I went home with this on the phone, I'd get hit in the head with a skillet!...
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    few I made for palm pre +

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    this thread kind of reminds me of the /wg/ page lol
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    My favorite wallpapers on my Pre.
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    great i've been looking for some replacements for the original ones thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Face-Palm View Post
    I would appreciate it if someone could make a "The Who" Band Logo.
    Your best bet to get this done would be to request this in the "offical" wallpaper request thread. Someone here will be more than happy to help.
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    Here are some that are all from my own original 3D art gallery (these are all modelled, textured, lit and rendered from scratch by me - there are NOT photograghs).

    They are cropped portions of larger original art piece images.

    Just my small contribution to the community!

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