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    I would like to know how to find out the processes that drain my battery in daily usage and how to stop them without having to completely reboot my device.

    This is one example what noticed so far when using my HP Veer:
    I'm using ModeSwitcher to put my Veer into different modes depending on time of day. Over night and in the morning before the first settings I have a battery drain lower than 3% per hour. At 6.30 a.m. ModeSwitcher initiates a cellular internet connection and a bluetooth connection to my Pebble watch to recieve the latest mails for about 10 minutes and returns to flight mode after that. Average battery drain will still stay below 3% per hour after that.
    One hour later I plug my headset at the Veer what activates a ModeSwitch trigger to start a cellular phone connection and a bluetooth connection with my Pebble. In addition the Music app is opened to play some songs and submit information to my watch. This state is used about one hour and is increasing battery drain to about 10% per hour.
    Finally by unplugging the headset all connections are closed and the same state as at night is entered.
    But on many days the battery drain will stay at 10% per hour or is even rising a little bit.
    I could not find out so far, what is keeping running in the background. I had a look with JSTop but didn't notice anything suspicious. The only solution to reduce battery drain is a complete reboot of the device (Luna restart is not enough).

    I don't believe that any of my ModeSwitcher rules is causing the battery drain. Instead I believe that the "deep sleep mode" of the Veer is not accessed any more after you started anything with heavier battery drain...

    Does anybody have ideas to find and maybe kill the processes that cause battery drain?

    Best regards
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    No there's no hint for me with JSTop.

    At the moment I have less problems with the described battery drain but don't know exactly why.
    One thing I noticed is:
    If I start and end a Bluetooth connection with ModeSwitcher sometimes the Bluetooth symbol stays at the top of the screen (like disconnected). When starting Bluetooth settings there is a message that Bluetooth is off. In the meantime I got used to switching Bluetooth on and off again so that the symbol disappears at the top of the display screen.
    One time before switching Bluetooth on and off I had a spinning wheel and the message that Bluetooth is about to turn off - but this never finished, so I had to reboot the device.

    I don't know if this was a possible reason for my battery drains. But I think a Luna restart would have solved this problem.
    My battery drains could only be solved with a completely reboot.
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    you need to add xterm or an alternative, and run


    it'll show you the running tasks and which one uses cpu cycles. Allows also to kill the task

    Forgot , the bluetooth stack is messy to begin with and the mess is related to the device being connected, too. It can , from the start, cause drains and the only solution is doing 2 to 3 reboots in a row ( one reboot is not 100% guarantee to fix it. 2 reboots "usually" do it ). I've this issue since 2011 when i use my jabra stereo earphones.
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    I found that the C+DAV stuff was going wild because it was rescheduling itself, but for some reason the time interval part wasn't being included in the schedule, so the only part that was being included was "neatworkHealth: fair", so it basically just kept syncing forever... It'd complete and then start again... I hadn't spent much time trying to figure out the full solution, other than to just cut out the sync rescheduling.

    Another that I found, and just disabled, was the readflagwatch activity for chatthreader. I thought I had (re)moved /etc/palm/activities/com.palm.messaging.chatthreader/com.palm.messaging.chatthreader.readflagwatch, but that file still exists...

    I think I just edited the service so that it doesn't re-schedule itself.
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    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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