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    Google has a new security protection scheme to watch for if you sync gmail with your webOS devices.. I don't know if this only affects email or if it also affects sync via synergy/oauth and C+DAV to. It hit me this morning when I disabled WiFi on my Pre2 and gmail tried to sync over mobile data. It was giving me the generic "login failed/check your id and password" (paraphrased..) like it has for various reasons in the past. This is a freshly doctored (as in sometime after 00:30 this morning..) FrankenPre2, but the issue won't be unique to this device. It would work fine on WiFi, but fail every time with WiFi off.
    I opened lumberjack and added a custom filter for just "google" and got lucky right away. It wrote out several messages saying "(browser) log in via your we.: (Failure)"

    I logged into my google account in the browser, and it made me verify with a 2-factor auth code even though I don't have it enabled (yeah, yeah..) Once I did that, email was able to sync over mobile data.

    So, this one doesn't look any different that previous google sync issues, but it had a very different message and solution.
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    Note the funky formatting of the error message is either because the email service isn't parsing the message quite right, or it gets messed up when it's logged. Fortunately it was readable enough for the solution to be fairly obvious.
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    Just a quick comment to help you keep score here ... I have two Google accounts on my Pre 3 (doctored to 2.2.4, with the OpenSSL Updater running, as well as the RootCertsUpdate from frantid, and the googleoauth22241-13 patch), both are still syncing mail and calendar through Verizon (CDMA) just fine, however, recently when I login to Google from my desktop (Firefox on Linux) I get a pop-up warning me that one of my devices has been using an insecure login method, and that I should fix it. So, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to get away with it.
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    Ugh this... I had a similar problem with my mom's iPhone.... I believe I ended up using an app-specific password for it. I *think*, but I can't remember for sure. Yahoo was an even bigger mess, since it doesn't have that and you have to enable "use insecure login" or whatever. I told her to ditch that account...
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I can also confirm this works on webOS 1.4.5. I had to move the modem back into a Sprint Pre to confirm whether the problems I was having with the FP2 were due to the phone or the modem. I logged in in the browser first to avoid the error, and then was able to add the email account (which is about the only service that still works on 1.x..).

    Re: Yahoo - yeah, that account isn't syncing on this Pre2 anymore and I'm getting a login error.. I haven't messed with trying to fix it. Not really worth it.

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