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    Sorry for the lack of information, but I have an HP tablet from around 2012. It is black and measures 7.5" x 9.5". In the top left corner is says "HP webOS," and in the other corner it has WiFi signal strength, battery and the time. It had not been used in years, but I needed a tablet (dropped iPad) and after charging it came to life. I put in an updated wifi password and things were great.

    Then I decided to erase all the user data, so I could load my email, etc. When it rebooted I selected "English" and "United States," confirmed it, at which point it brings up a WiFi connection screen. I select my home WiFi with great signal strength, and enter the password, and after several minutes it finally connects and gives the message, "Cannot connect to the internet using this connection. Select another connection."

    I tried using my iPhone as a hotspot, and once it connected, I got the same message. So I went to a public place with free WiFi, and after several minutes it connected and I got the same message.

    Finally I get a message, "Server Error Please visit to help resolve this problem." There is no such website. As soon as I type that in it adds www and never goes anywhere.

    This is during the initial setup, where the first thing it wants to do is download the Terms and Conditions, so I can agree and begin set up, and I can't even get that far.

    How do I move forward?
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    Sounds like you need to bypass activation.

    Preemtive has a nice list of links to help people getting into webOS in 20Now (just search the forums, or check Someone else will probably reply with a more complete answer, but this should nudge you in the right direction.

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