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    I've seen one or two posts about this in the past, which were solved by clearing cookies, or manually entering desktop site, but these fixes don't seem to work when it comes to 'my ebay', you can browse and search ebay with the desktop site, but if you attempt to sign in to your account to do anything else, you get instantly redirected to wap.ebay, which is utterly useless. The worst part is that ebay mobile is even better than ebay desktop on these phones, but I can't find any way to get into it. I'm sure this has to do with our outdated browsers, but does anyone have any ideas?

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    No, other than maybe contacting them and hoping they will change their redirect rules to not redirect webOS phones to there stupid WAP page. It's very irritating to click a link in an email only to be redirected to the mobile home page.
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    I sent this email to the email address listed on the wap help page. I suggest others do the same. And send it from a webOS device with a webOS signature for more effect.

    Recently the ebay website started redirecting webOS phones Palm/HP Pre series ( Pre/Pre+/Pre2/Pre3), Palm Pixi/Pixi+, HP Veer) to instead of letting them browse the more advanced mobile site at It's very annoying to tap an ebay link on our phones and ending up on the WAP homepage instead of the actual link target (most often a link to an item being watched, bid on, or otherwise shared by a friend). Can you please change it back so we stop getting redirected to the basic WAP site? This change has made using ebay on our phones a miserable experience.


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    There is that patch to impersonate an iphone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    There is that patch to impersonate an iphone...
    I haven't yet gotten it to install on my 224 veer, but I'm going to keep trying. Interestingly, though, if you have access to Classic, (which I think only works on webOS 1.4,x, or on supered meta-doctor), this actually works, (, but instead of using a .jar for Opera Mini, use one of the .prc files from here: Opera Mini version/build list | yfirev. Tested it with 'My eBay' and works great, (but not the fastest).

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