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    UPDATE: Actually, I might be wrong. This seems to be quite an old project, but that could actually be a benefit. From the app's discussion forum:
    Michael Videlgauz - 2015-10-05

    I see that code is written against Qt4. Trying to build it with Qt5 raises compilation errors.
    Do you have plans on porting to code Qt5 (and VS2012/2013/etc rather than 2005/2010)? If you will accept it I could participate in this effort
    There doesn't seem to be a reply. However, members here may recall the earlier A-Browser experiment which involved porting Qt to the Pre (version 4.8)

    Is it possible that would enable use of this on a wider range of devices? I have nothing older than a Pre2, but the description suggests A-Browser can work on anything except a Pixi.

    It seems the last update of this project was in November 2017, but I can't find any reference to the required version of Qt. Perhaps it still uses 4.x?
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