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    being located outside of US, my only way to use Pandora and similar is by using a VPN. I had a free one working with the vpnc implementation on webos, but has been discontinued.. and I've not managed to find an alternative.

    Any suggestion ? VPN Gate would have solved the issue, but I've not found a way to use it with the Pre3 vpn client
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    I use the PPTP VPN that is in the HP App catalog... It has saved my *** more than once
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    I don't see (find) anything using vpn or pptp as keywords , in the app catalog
    Seems being limited to touchpads, sadly. I wonder if it would work on a pre3
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    just tested it and indeed it does
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    Quote Originally Posted by sidotij View Post
    just tested it and indeed it does
    You mean you tested it on a pre3, and it works ?
    I read some old thread saying that it was requiring a custom kernel (beta and also vanished) with the pptp modules added.

    which kernel are you using, on the phone ? would you attach a copy of the zipped ipk (all in all is free made by hp) ?
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    I have a stock pre3.. no replacement kernel no major modifications at all.

    and I was able to connect to my work vpn using the any connect protocol and to a client site using PPTP

    as to if I can share that... I will defer to the people that know more than I do
    Can I share this?

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    Very good to know.. maybe they added the support in the 2.2.4 stock kernel ( I wonder if also uberkernel ...) and they didn't "think" to add the compatibility tag for the pre3, to the ipk link

    Sure, lets wait for opinions about sharing the pakage ( I think there should not be issues , being NOT a paid app )

    Thanks again for testing on a pre3
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    I know cisco is touchy about sending VPN software outside the US.... not sure about HP

    I'd prefer not to have the FBI knocking on my door
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    That ipk is freely downloadable by any touchpad all over the world....

    Version: 1.0.9
    Section: Productivity
    Architecture: all
    Maintainer: HP
    Size: 71552
    Source: {"Title":"PPTP VPN Plugin","Location":"","LastUpdated":"1316903501","Feed":"Palm Apps","Type":"AppCatalog","Category":"Productivity","Homepage":"","Icon":"","FullDescription":"Diese Anwendung konfiguriert die PPTP VPN-Einstellungen f\u00fcr HP Mitarbeiter und erm\u00f6glicht diesen das Verbinden mit verschiedenen VPN-Sites bei HP weltweit.","Screenshots":["","","","","",""],"Countries":["US","AU","CA","DE","ES","FR","GB","HK","IE","MX","NZ","SG"],"Languages":["en_US","es_US","en_AU","en_CA","fr_CA","en_DE","de_DE","en_ES","es_ES","en_FR","fr_FR","en_GB","en_ HK","en_IE","en_MX","es_MX","en_NZ","en_SG"],"License":"copyright","DeviceCompatibility":["TouchPad"]}
    Description: PPTP VPN Plugin
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    As you can see it's enabled for all the marketplaces , america/europe/asia/australia
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    mmmm, installed.

    put a wrong pptp server (as in I wrote it wrongly), and now the profile keeps circling. I cannot remove it
    And I cannot create a new vpn profile (any kind )since I get : disconnect the current active profile, to create a new profile.

    Edit : managed to remove the profile (to play safe, first I removed the app too)
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    I'll surely check further to get pptp working buuuut found this some minutes ago

    it works flawlessly and feel not that slow (the only drawback is that all the traffic goes that way until manually changing the dns again). Pandora loads a song in maybe 5 seconds ( over wifi ).

    I just don't know if it adds security issues
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    I dunno what to tell you... I was able to use it from an unmodified pre3

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidotij View Post
    I dunno what to tell you... I was able to use it from an unmodified pre3

    Don't worry, it's possible (read likely) I did something wrong:

    1) I didn't reboot after installing the package. Instead went to add a test vpn
    - this by itself may have been a problem

    2) I put a wrong vpn .. I didn't look for a free pptp yet, that moment. I had the Gate project open and just put an openvpn link, thinking to get a connection refused.

    and 3) one of the patches on the phone may have a responsibility

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