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    I have a list.

    I've done a bit of formatting, but it's basically a manual effort. My next step is to convert the app names to URLs so that clicking an item gets you to the app page where the details are.

    The problem is to get these details into the list. Doing 6000+ apps manually isn't going to happen unless we get quite few people to split the job. There are programs that could download the entire site, but how to easily convert the data?

    We could use the list as a front end & the website itself as a back end, but then the list lacks the data to make searching easy. The more search terms, the easier it is to sort for whats relevant. Also, a breakdown by developer gives us a contact list to request that the apps are kept available.

    Likely useful searches:
    All paid apps (before the 1st November)
    By Developer / support contact
    Ignore categories (e.g. books) easily found elsewhere or items known to be poor quality. (is app spam a term? ;-)

    Finally, there needs to be a way to update the list with more recent apps - I'm drawing a blank here.

    Any thoughts?
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    Here is the list. It is a tab separated list, so it should open in pretty much any spreadsheet program and also in a text editor. I included release notes to try to clarify my intentions and suggest ways to improve the list. It currently has 6000+ apps, but probably dates from around 2010.

    So, you can view all the titles & search for keywords, sort by my guessed categories or by rating or use the links to view detail pages with a link to the catalogue itself. Unfortunately, I have no easy way to access 6000+ webpages to stripout complete data like price - this would have to be automated - especially as purchases cease at the end of this month.

    It's all getting a bit 'cross-posting' here, so these are the threads that might be of interest: (recommended apps) (technical stuff including possibly a way to scan the catalogue) (tracking apps that are 'saved' from the closure)

    Hopefully, there is a way to scan the HP catalogue for all data and that will make for a new list or data can be added to this one.
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    I for one (speaking as a heavy webos user, but not altogether tech savvy) would be happy to pay a monthly or yearly fee to keep apps & backup available. I use my TP and Pre 3 constantly for work, and am addicted to Splashtoping to my office PC. Splashtop seems to work much better on webos than on Android (have dual-boot TP so can use both ways). I don't even want to think about all the data I have in memos that I can't afford to lose....!
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