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    Hello webOSNation Users!

    I'm jack1131 and new in here, I'm a huge fan of WebOSNation and it's further Sister Sites. I've a real Geek Tooth

    Stay Blessed
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Do you have a device, or are you wondering what to get?
    The Pre & Pixi in 2014 | pivotCE
    The Pre 2 & HP Veer in 2014 | pivotCE
    The Pre 3 and HP TouchPad in 2014 | pivotCE

    Perhaps you are interested in the new Open-source LuneOS?
    Official Release of LuneOS and Project Updates | pivotCE

    A hands on approach helps when using webOS in 2014. There's lots of help on this forum if you have questions.

    Of course, LG is now using webOS on it's smart TVs and this is the premiere advice forum for that version also. The TV forum is here:
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    Welcome to webOS Nation, Jack!
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    Yay, fresh blood! I mean new people!
    HP Think Beyond event link
    If You Have A WindsorNot Hit Me Up
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    Welcome to our empire!
    HP Veer Unlocked Wifi/3G 8GB - WebOS 2.1.1 & Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro) - CM 10.2.1
    WebOS developers are awesome!
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    woohoo! A new potential customer for my upcoming new game (I'm otherwise assuming the longer I take to develop it the smaller the pool of users!)
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    Welcome. The bunch of people still left here is small, but hey, it's about quality and not quantity, at least in geeksville.
    War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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    Welcome jack1131!

    Sounds like the secret is out and you know that webOS is the best mobile OS around (just not the most popular). :-( :-)

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