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    I have spent much time trying to get yahoo, fastmail and safe-mail to work and am still struggling. After reading the threads herein, AOL worked. However, AOL worked only with no encryption. I don't want an unencrypted password being sent to a server.

    Can any one recommend email clients with encrypted password that work out of the box with Pre2? Preferably, an email client that doesn't have a NSA backdoor. Thanks.
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    Try manually setting up the account with the server settings listed at How do I use other email applications to send and receive mail from my AOL Mail account? - AOL Help

    For incoming, make sure encryption is set to SSL and port is 993
    For outgoing, make sure encryption is set to TLS and port is 587
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    jl85, thank you for the AOL instructions. My prior search for AOL instructions had not brought up the article you linked to.

    I set SSL for incoming, TLS for outgoing. Error message: "Requested encryption not supported by server."
    I had followed Gizmo 21's advice to install two certificates in my other thread titled 'Requested encryption not supported by server' which is at

    The two certificates are for I followed your instructions to delete and add my fastmail account back and make sure SSL was checked for incoming and outgoing. Thanks for giving instructions. Yet, same error message.

    Therefore, I am trying alternative email clients, such as AOL. Does AOL require different certificates than Fastmail? Or is there some other problem that is blocking Fastmail and AOL?

    Is there an alternative email client that still works that is not part of PRISM? AOL, Google and Yahoo are in PRISM,
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    Great news! I discovered an IMAP email client on that still works on HP Palm Pre2! uses open software, is not in PRISM, based in France, respects privacy, strips IP address from header of email, encrypts send messages and offers option to disable HTML. I will be making a donation after computing US $ to euros.

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