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    The best plan I found to use Palm as a back up phone is Page Plus Cellular's $80/year plan. 2,000 minutes. $.04 per minute. $.05 per text message. No monthy fee.

    $1/MB data. I asked Page Plus to turn off data. I don't want hackers, Verizon or apps to remotely turn data on. I have data turned off on the Pre2.

    Wifi works well. Voice quality is as excellent as Verizon's. No decrease in voice quality that other carrier's resellers suffer from. For example, Virgin, Net10, etc. have terrible voice quality.

    My Pre2 is actually my main phone, not a backup. I have this plan as year round, I don't use a cell phone that much.
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    $80 per year or per month?

    2000 minutes per year or per month?
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    got it...

    2000 minutes last for a year, pay as you go, no contract...
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    Today, I asked Page Plus Cellular to turn on my data. Page Plus reduced data cost from $1/MB to ten cents per MB. Now, I can use data when wifi isn't available.

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