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    Where I am living has a password encrypted wifi. I use wifi. I don't have a data plan. When I return to my room, my wifi appears to be reconnected, but my email client doesn't work. I have to open a browser and retype the password.

    Is this typical? I assumed MAC addresses of wifi devices would be remembered by the ISP.

    Throughout the day, while in my room, the wifi connection terminates even through the wifi signal appears strong and connected. I have to reopen my browser to type the password again. Then push the email client. Is this typical?

    Is there an app that maintains the wifi connection?
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    I don't know the details of it, but yes, this is typical of a captive portal, and I agree, it can be very maddening - especially if the password page will not come up. It is remembered for some amount of time, probably configured in the access point, so if you were only gone a short time, it would not require you to re-enter it.

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