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    Have a pixi palm plus and wanna get the phone rooted . I have downloaded webos quick install 4.5.0 jar , Preware Installed 1.5.0.exe , devicetool and devicetool pixi activation . The phone has only been used for basic stuff , calls an text . Would like to Root but dont know if a back proceedure needs to be done first ? When trying to run quick install, it shows no device and novacom ( witch was auto downloaded ).. Have some PC know hows but not big on linux .Could someone Please help me thru the steps to get Preware up an runnin ? Thanks in advance ,Peace
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    webOS quick install requires Java. Check you have the correct version installed.

    Place your device in developer mode and connect to your computer, but DO NOT put it in USB mode. WOSQI should then work. You install Preware with WOSQI and that's it I think.

    I don't know about your specific device and if it's on webOS 1.4.5, the process may be different, but basically everything you need to know is here:

    Read carefully, digest and proceed...

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