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    Update: I paid for the NDrive app, and the GPS worked like a dream. Then froze my entire phone, so much that even the manual shut down button on the side wouldn't work.

    Went here: Veer Disassembly - WebOS Internals
    and disconnected the battery (the cage is a pain in the *** to take off) and now it APPEARS to be working correctly! For now.

    Thank all of you for your help, it's been hugely useful. I hope it continues to work.
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    You don't have to pull the battery. You hold down the power button and flip the mute switch back and forth 3 times, the phone will hard reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Ndrive didn't work out too good for me and others. Spent the money and bought the maps, it worked once and then started to close itself
    turn off data when you run ndrive and it won't close itself.
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