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    **EDIT: fixed with freetether reinstall**

    (what's weird though is, my freetether app and five other apps didn't show up in my list of packages in WOSQI Device Management or in Preware Installed. So i uninstalled freetether with the phone's software manager, then reinstalled with Preware. i don't know why there was a conflict earlier. it's working now, but i'd appreciate an education on this if you know about it!)

    hi all,

    i just installed uberkernel and govnah.

    it has significantly improved my freetether connection to my nexus 7 android tablet, which was constantly timing out while loading Words with Friends. Now it is very fast. HOWEVER, my laptop now will not load a webpage at all, even though it says its connected.

    Can anyone explain why one device is connecting better while the other is now worse?? im so confused.
    does enabling the comp cache directly affect this wifi data transmission performance??

    thank you
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