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    As I sometimes can't even find my own tips i gave in other threads without opening specific new threads for it, i'll collect the links to them here with correct descriptions:

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    since i seem not to be able to update first post, i'll continue here:

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    updated again, e.g. now with luna commands to finally set hb gmaps (72ka) as default handler for all location data stuff.
    could also be used to do the same for navit...
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    maybe add in the beginner guides that still work or are relevant for ubuntu and android/cm and esp at this late stage the app market / certs fix needed after july.

    ubuntu stuff



    Android Stuff

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    added some new postings e.g. quite recent topics of "application database full" and device erase/doctoring could be prevented by resizing internal database limit or manual purging of DB, see:

    Application Database full notifier&perhaps sms / cellular data stops, could be one of the internal DBs is reaching 75MB limit (check with internalz and perhaps purge on commandline)

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