I've seen a couple cases of this happening. When you try to connect to WiFi in webOS, you will not see any networks at all, and if you check the MAC address in Device Info (or similar for First Use) you will see 00:00:00:00:00:00. However, if you install Android, the WiFi will work perfectly, and you get a valid MAC address. The cause of this is somehow the MAC address for WiFi (and possibly Bluetooth) has been blanked out and replaced with zeros in the in your tokens. In webOS, tokens set your MAC address. In Android, it can't read the tokens, so instead it doesn't override the MAC and uses your chip default instead. The way to fix this is to write the original MAC address(es) back to the token set. Unfortunately, this is not a trivial task, as you'll be required to directly dump and flash to your flash memory, be able to hex edit values, and be able to calculate CRC32. Because of the high chance of bricking one's device, no instructions will be provided here. Please contact someone who has the skills to perform the fix. If you think you're up to it, here's the documentation on the NVRAM, where tokens are stored. No instructions are provided there for dumping and editing the NVRAM, but if you know your stuff you'll know how to proceed.

(Conclusion: definitely fixable, but too dangerous for the average user to attempt.)