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    I had my FrankenPre2 perfectly working and customized, finally after two weeks of HARD work.

    Then I tried to set up my Pre- as a wifi only Pandora streamer.

    i completely reset the phone to remove all old phone info. It has its own inactive Sprint board. I used the bypass tool and first use tool to make a new profile.

    So hp's profile site shows TWO profiles with TWO DIFFERENT sets of info, different phone numbers, different MEID, different s/n's, different webOS versions.

    But i couldn't get the Pre- to login to the app cat. Impostah shows the PAMS1104 error, token expired, and svc error 401 for device info. Paid apps error is DISC0050 unable to authenticate and session info error is 400.

    Yet somehow while trying to get the thing to access the catalog, i heard the Franken cry out and sure enough, it'd been bumped from its profile. But i was able to log right back in, no problem. of course, all my customizing work was lost. ALL MY PREWARE TWEAKS ARE GONE. argh. So i'll have to recustomize the phone, but it IS still active on Sprint so a board swap is not needed. (or is it)

    because before i redo Frankie, i want to get the Pre- app cat access. BUT HOW?? i cannot figure it out, and i've been reading so many things i'm completely confused.

    WHAT DO I DO? there must be an explanation for this somewhere, but do i need an old, active profile first? do i need to move the comm board back into the Pre- to create one, then go back? Or do i just try to get into the app cat via Impostah using the FrankenPre's token? Impostah says it can't update 1.x, i have to use the First Use app. I know if i do that it will bump the Franken for sure.


    frack. somehow it's bumped it again. i just logged into my Franken profile at HP, and the phone's info is gone. Something pushed it off again while i was just messing with Impostah on the Pre-. The Franken is powered down, but i'm sure as soon as i restart it i'll have to log in again. But i want to get the Pre- streaming Pandora first. Looks like i'll be working on Pre's for New Year's Eve and probably all day tomorrow. =(
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    since i'm not sure what to do, but limited on time, i'm going with my first guess.

    i'm reactivating the Pre- with the active Sprint comm board. I'll create a new profile, log into the app catalog, and download Pandora. Then I'll try to save it any way i can. I'll do a backup. i'll use WOSQI to install Save/Restore. I'll copy the hard drive. I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL WORK. I'll try to copy a valid token while i'm at it. i wish i knew.

    once that's done, i'm going to put the inactive VZN board back in it, instead of the inactive Sprint board I had been putting in there. It shouldn't matter, but i'll try it.

    Then I'll try to get it onto wifi only, but i know i'll have to do some kind of reset to get the Sprint profile out of it. right now the thing won't log onto sprint. idk what i'm doing. it's gonna be a long nite.
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    the phone wouldn't recognize sprint, with the active board! i dont know why at all. so i took it out and put it back in the Frank. it called VM, but i shoved it into AP mode before HP could bump it because its profile page is empty. now i'm trying to DL Impostah to see if i can pull the acct data, if there is any, and try to log back into the right profile because i dont know which one is active anymore, if there is one!

    i'm such an *****. why do i think i can do this stuff? if i can get this phone back online, i'm leaving it alone and going to bed. i'm not going to bother trying to get pandora to work again or anything else. somehow i always manage to make myself miserable again, so i may as well stay this way. i keep trying to dig out of the pit, and just pull dirt down on my own face.
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    Hey, don't feel so bad.

    This isn't some mainstream stuff... it's experimental and we don't even know what's going on behind the curtain on HP's servers. So logic doesn't always work when we can't have all the facts.

    I sympathize and wish i could do something to help, but having only one phone and no knowledge of Palm Profile / Synergy bugs, i'm stuck watching from the sidelines
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    you've always been right on time with a calm, supportive response when i'm beating myself up on this phone stuff.

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

    i dont have many, well any people to talk to about stuff that's important to me. most of my day i've got my work 'happy face' on, cuz you can't lose any job when you've got one these days; and then i come home to nothing & go to bed and do it again.

    so this whole phone thing, this webOS thing, is something important to me. it's this stupid little phone that does a lot for me, because it's one of the only sources of happiness for me. i get an email on it once in a while. my buddy in another state occasionally calls me on it. and most importantly, it lets me stream this Pandora service without commercials. And that is huge for me. really huge. it's one of the only things I'm happy about at all.

    I GOT THE FRANKEN BACK UP AND RUNNING. i had to give up on trying to make the Pre- anything right now. i had to get the phone working because i need it for work, so i had to give up on trying to make a back up Pandora device.

    I was lucky, that when i put the comm board back into the Franken, it still had its data settings. The app cat was inactive again, but GM's app once again got me back online so I was able to download Pandora. And Jake's pandora-pause-patch is reinstalled so I can stream without annoying pauses at :59seconds.

    and that's where i'm gonna stop. I'm not going to try to 'make it better'. i'm not going to try for just a little more happiness. i'll settle for good enough, and just shut my mouth and my imagination down, and accept reality.

    but i do appreciate the handful of people here who've come to my aid; have created tools AND made them available so I could use them; and i wish you all a very HAPPY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR.

    now i'm going to bed before i screw anything else up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    you've always been right on time with a calm, supportive response when i'm beating myself up on this phone stuff.

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

    i dont have many, well any people to talk to about stuff that's important to me. most of my day i've got my work 'happy face' on, cuz you can't lose any job when you've got one these days; and then i come home to nothing & go to bed and do it again.

    so this whole phone thing, this webOS thing, is something important to me. it's this stupid little phone that does a lot for me, because it's one of the only sources of happiness for me.
    Woah, that was spot-on... those words... sounds exactly like me. This is why i'm here on this forum, this is why i spend time doing research into every little thing, so that i could put all of that back into webOS and then some, even though i do know the industry reality and that the odds are generally against us...

    Maybe i lost some "respect" in people's eyes for saying this, but it is what it is. I know what i'm worth, but nowhere else would i get to really realize my potential like i can here (once i get the ball rolling and there are no "blindspots" and unknowns, once i manage to work fast and keep that pace).

    Perhaps this could be seen as a Rodney Dangerfield moment for the two of us and the OS in general, but i don't really care.. i'm humble enough to talk about it here in public and at the same time i know full well what i'm capable of when i'm not so much of a wreck on the inside... I think in the end we all just have to keep going and stay together... once we have something to smile about, build on top of that, keep going and "don't look down".

    Take care of yourself, my friend. I thought i was the only one here like this, who is keeping composure on the outside but inside isn't really so well. Next moment i could say "whatever", look at something else on my desk and get back to work, but you should know how much i appreciate you having the guts to say this. We all have our bad times and anyone who laughs at this is himself usually next as no one is perfect and invincible.
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    heck i'm not afraid to tell MY truth. it's the only thing i can believe in anymore, in this land of lies and deceit. humility is the only thing i have that no one can take. i just have to prevent myself from discarding it.

    i'm pretty sure most people are afraid to admit they're held together with peanut butter and rubber bands. but death has chewed me up an' spit me back a few too many times, and life has knocked down my house of cards even more so. all that rebuilding from scratch so many times has taken something from me. they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; but that's only true for some people. they're like an aluminum can. you may crush them, but aluminum can be recycled over and over. and those people, i'm glad for them. for others, i'm sorry but it's more like a china cup. there's only so many times you can break and re-glue it. and you lose little fragments each time. eventually you have a cup mostly of glue, and it taints the flavor of the tea you pour in it. it's not the same cup it was.

    i'm not as fast, or as calm, or as confident, or as positive about getting back to my feet when i'm knocked down; but so far i've gotten back up every time. it's not easy, and i don't know why i keep on trying anymore. so i can only back off until it doesn't matter why again, and then i can move forward again.

    so tonight, i didn't go to bed. i couldn't stop. i want this phone RIGHT in my mind. so i waited til i calmed down. a little Nine Inch Nails radio on Pandora helped me convert my frustration to solace.

    I WAS ABLE TO: download a few patches; figure out how to install Sprint Nav, and then, when i saw my Palm Profile field was EMPTY, and i was about to crap a pickle because i thought that meant HP would kick my phone as soon as it saw i wasn't logged in, i found this article:
    Palm Support : HP Veer for AT&T - Trouble verifying an HP webOS account (Palm profile)

    ...where i learned you can log into your Palm Profile from the phone. I put in the password, and everything was cool again. i rebuilt my house of cards. now i can finally rest.
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    Truth. Well said...

    And while i realize it's not always in good taste to bog down technical threads with unrelated content, this just says so much IMHO... it does in the song, anyway, with the right tone and inflection...

    ~ ~ ~

    If you didn't care
    What happened to me
    And I didn't care
    For you

    We would
    Zig-zag our way
    Through the boredom and pain
    Occasionally glancing up through the rain
    Wondering which of the buggers to blame

    And watching
    For pigs on the wing

    * * *

    You know that I care what happens to you,
    and I know that you care for me,
    so I don't feel alone,
    or the weight of the stone,
    now that I've found somewhere safe
    to bury my bone.
    And any fool knows a dog needs a home,
    a shelter from pigs on the wing

    --Pink Floyd (..from the Animals album)
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    i am always happy to come back to finalize a thread i've started. future searchers may find the info, and use it as motivation to keep working through the issues that THEY are trying to resolve.

    I DID IT.

    i rebuilt the FrankenPre2, corrected its profile, and reinstalled all of the apps I wanted and the patches made my our homebrew experts here at webosnation.

    i also fixed the Pre-. Sort of. I decided to abandon the 1.4.5 board and inactive Sprint comm board, and basically rebuilt the donor Pre2 using the Pre- screen. I then used the basic Verizon 2.1.0 doctor available everywhere (not a meta-Dr) and then used Impostah to create a new profile, and GM's App Cat country changer to set to US. I was then able to download Pandora, and i used Jake's patch to eliminate the skipping, just like on the Franken.

    So in the end, i have my FrankenPre2 running on Sprint, including Sprint nav working and a few of Jason R's tweaks (which I also supported with a quick New Year's 'thank$'); and I have my inactive Franken-zombie as a home Pandora streamer connected to my home stereo.

    I DID IT. and i did it because of the people on this site, who do work on webOS just 'cuz they love it, like me.

    I hope anyone reading this, if you ever get frustrated, you take a break, cool off, and keep going, keep looking, and get to where you want to be as well.

    Thanks everyone. Happy New Year.

    p.s. -quoting Pink Floyd is always acceptable, even in tech forums.
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