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    my veer needs to be repaired by Palm. I have a spare veer bought at the same time running webos 2.1.1.

    I want to try the following: leave my veer 1 as it is, turn it off, take the SIM out and send it to Palm. In the meantime I would like to have everything on the spare veer 2 by using the old profile. USB drive and save/restore is in place. After the veer 1 returns, I want to turn off veer 2 and only use my veer 1 again.

    Is this possible? I read somewhere that I would have to erase veer 1 from a list first when signing into the profile with veer 2. What effect does that have?

    P.s. If I let Palm know that My phone has a hardware issue for sure, will they refrain from wiping my phone?
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    You can try cloning the phone, though I'm not sure how successful you would be. Pack up /var and other partitions, and restore them on to the other phone. Dump out the tokens, edit bits of them, and write it to the other phone. The problem I sense is the IMEI, and you can't legally clone that, and it's what's used as the device id on phones, so the profile servers might think you're trying to register a new phone.

    For what you describe, the profile server will definitely replace your old phone for your spare. I'm not sure if you can go backwards.
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    AfaikAfaikAfaik $you$ $don$'$t$ $need$ $to$ $do$ $anything$ $special$ $here$. $When$ $you$ $log$ $your$ $2nd$ $Veer$ $into$ $your$ $profile$, $it$ $will$ $take$ $the$ $place$ $of$ $the$ $original$ $one$ $and$ $restore$ $all$ $it$'$s$ $data$ $and$ $apps$. $When$ $you$ $get$ $your$ $original$ $one$ $back$ ($it$ $would$ $almost$ $surely$ $come$ $back$ $freshly$ $doctored$), $if$ $you$ $want$ $to$ $switch$ $back$ $to$ $it$ $just$ $log$ $it$ $into$ $your$ $profile$ $and$ $it$ $will$ $kick$ $the$ $2nd$ $Veer$ $out$. $If$ $you$ $want$ $to$ $keep$ $the$ $apps$ $and$ $data$ $on$ $the$ $second$ $Veer$ $intact$, $you$'$ll$ $need$ $to$ $use$ $Impostah$ $to$ $log$ $it$ $out$ $of$ $your$ $Palm$ $Profile$ $first$ ($see$
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    I sorta have the same issue. Just changed to a Pre 3 4 days ago from Pixi Plus. Though, my original backup from the pixi didnt come thru on the Pre 3 (instead i got one from 6 months ago), so i wanna go back into the pixi and get my notes. Anyone know how i could do that without clucking up my profile further?

    If i could avoid taking the sim out of the Pre 3, i would prefer that. Anyone?


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