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    I have the Flashcards app and am trying to create flashcards to study Turkish. Importing the flashcards is easy but the special Turkish characters are not being displayed (e.g. şğόΦΗ). How do I solve this?
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    Were you able to find a solution to your problem ? I have some literature which uses the Turkish fonts and am struggling to find a program that will help recognise the fonts.
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    Yes, this is definitely a problem, one that affects Turkish, Vietnamese and some Eastern European languages that make use of the extended Latin alphabet.

    Aside from editing the webOS-specific font to include all of the double and triple accented glyph variants, you may be able to just install Arial Unicode and set that font in the app's stylesheet.

    I can't really give precise directions yet, but if you really care about this, tell me which version of webOS you have, or what device. The phone with the sliding keyboard and a seamless curved screen is the Pre+ and that one runs a different OS version than the ones with the framed glass screen....

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