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    I recently transitioned over to android for my smartphone use, with the stuck at hp rebooting screen that my pre 2 started to do a few months ago. I have since moved to a 4- droid razr Maxx. Anyway I finally got around to doctoring my pre2 and it went smoothly. I want to use it as a wifi only device. When I get to the log on screen for my plan profile I can't log on without registering with the carrier, Verizon. I followed some steps to bypass activation ##devmode# and it worked. However how do I get back into my palm profile?

    I know one way would be to reactivate the phone on Verizon but I don't want to do that because with their 4G cards once you deactivate the phone you have to go back to Verizon store for a new card. By going back briefly to a 3g device in the pre 2 I also don't want to lose my unlimited data that I have been grandfathered into once I go back to my RAZR Maxx.

    Is there anyway I can log into my palm profile without using Verizon?
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    Wow. Remember the days when a question like this would be answered within minutes of posting?

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    Use Impostah to log back into your Palm Profile. It will still say Dr Skippedfirstuse as your profile name, but you will be able to download your apps.

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    A good guide can be found here for 2.x.x :

    Bypass Activation [webOS 2.x] | webOS Nation

    This is a good guide for 1.x.x :

    Bypass Activation [webOS 1.x] | webOS Nation
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    following the tips in the link, the tips on reinstalling webOSquickinstall and the novacom driver, and thus far its working.

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