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    I got a Veer for my birthday and I'd love to import my contacts into it, but the Data Transfer Assistant downloads aren't working - the entire server isn't found. I found a thread on the official webOS forums about it, but it's been almost two weeks since that was posted and it still hasn't been fixed. Does anyone know where else I can get a copy of the Data_Transfer_Assistant_1f.exe file? (Yes, I know I can do contacts via Google, but I don't want to do that.)
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    You don't want the DTA... It really does a poor job importing, and you end up with lots of issues (duplicates, errors, etc.).

    I tried.

    You can also use the third-party tools (Missing Sync, etc.).

    I ended up exporting from the Palm Desktop, importing into Mac, transferring up to Google, then adding the google/gmail account to WebOS.

    I hated putting my stuff into the Google cloud, but really the only working solution.
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    Yeah wife and I have been in google cloud for a while now.... so freaking simple especially when switching devices (have used 4 webOS phones for me and 3 for her, plus multiple touchpads).

    Google also makes it real easy for us to share certain data, like automatically pushing certain e-mails to both of us with all of our devices from various accounts. We now both have 2 gmail accounts each syncing with our own devices and a shared gmail account that will auto forward messages from certain senders to our individual accounts.

    Still kept our hotmail accounts that gmail aggregates every 30 minutes to push things that haven't been migrated to our gmail accounts.
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    I really don't want to put my data into the Google cloud, so if these other methods don't work I'll probably end up importing each contact individually via vcf (when I put in a multi-contact vcf my Veer asks me if I'm sure I want to import 250 contacts, but then only imports one). I'll look into the third-party tools, but would still appreciate/like to try the DTA if anyone else knows where I can get the file

    Edit: It seems like the 3rd party tools all set up syncing between my computer and the phone - I don't want that, I just want a one-time transfer.
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    Can use the CompanionLink. Maybe can help...

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    I need the file too. Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JM8753 View Post
    I need the file too. Anyone?
    Read all the above posts? Understand it could possibly include frustrating problems?

    PM me, I think I have a copy somewhere...
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    Read all the above posts? Understand it could possibly include frustrating problems?

    PM me, I think I have a copy somewhere...
    Hi, just pm you. Thank you for your help.
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    I took the liberty to email HP last week using the feedback form on their website. Today I got a reply and the links have been fixed finally

    See HP webOS : Download & Run the Data Transfer Assistant (DTA)

    > Hello Herman,
    > Thank you for your message to the corporate
    > Feedback to Webmaster. We appreciate the effort to
    > notify us of issues with the web site.
    > Please try again, and let us know if you still see a
    > problem; it should now be fixed. Sorry for the trouble!
    > Thank you for reporting the information!
    > Kind Regards,
    > Jerry
    > Webmaster
    > Hewlett-Packard Company
    > (K.C.ID 4032290)
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