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    ok ive been looking at better ways to make backups of my touchpad and pre3 apps incase everything goes boom one day, i used to do manual backups using ShiftyAxels wifi app to just copy it all to my PC.

    Plan B)

    I still use Shifty's WiFi app, however now ive also taken to using DropBox on the PC to act as a medium, using the actual Dropbox program that sync's your dropbox folder on your PC to backup to their cloud i have now SymLinked a folder on my PC (as a dropbox subfolder) to my Touchpad and Pre3 via Shifty's wifi app.

    Basically once shifty's app makes my Pre3 and Touchpad visible on my network, via the symlink, dropbox checks over the touchpad and pre3's applications folders and immediatly starts syncing my apps to the dropbox cloud, so now i dont even have to manually copy them, the dropbox program does it all automagically once i start shifty's app and my shares appear on the network.

    If you take a look at the included screenshots, 1 shows my applications being sync'd on the left, in various stages of complete/to be done etc, you can also see top right my created shares via Shifty's wifi app, we can see i have various handy shortcuts to various shares i often access, including Applications, also a quick view bottom/right of my command window just barely showing 2 recent Symlinks i made for applications and my screenshots.

    Whats Required?
    check this link for shifty's superb wifi/samba sharing app, you NEED this working, if you cant just sift through that whole thread until you fix any issues you have until it works perfectly.

    once installed and working, edit the smb.conf file, found in /opt/etc/samba/

    add the following at the bottom of the config.

    comment = Apps
    path = /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications
    writable = yes
    browseable = yes
    guest ok = yes

    save and rerun the wifi app.


    Dropbox is next, install their program for PC and you should end up with a new Dropbox folder somewhere, personally i see this inside my "Favorites" when i open "My Computer".

    We need to access this via command line, so open a command prompt, or type CMD on run/start, from there we need to goto the dropbox folder, for me i simply type, change "Xtro2" for your login/account name...

    cd C:\Users\Xtro2\Dropbox

    then type

    md webOS
    cd webOS

    now provided we're running shifty's wifi app and have configured that to access what we need, which is Applications in my example, then we can now type.

    mklink /D Touchpad \\TOUCHPAD\Applications

    again change "TOUCHPAD" to whatever your touchpad ends up called in your network after you launch shifty's app, it may/probably is case sensitive so get it exact just incase.

    This creates a sort of fake subfolder in your dropbox folder which in actuality points to your applications folder on your touchpad, dropbox wont know the difference and will immediatly begin syncing your touchpad apps to your dropbox cloud, any changes/updates/etc on the touchpad side "should" sync to dropbox provided ofc that dropbox is running on your PC and shifty's wifi app is running, progress can be seen hovering over the dropbox icon in the notification area (screenshot included).

    The above might be a pain in the backside to do, but seems to work for me so far, also make sure your dropbox account can handle all the files, you can get size increases to your account via referrals (500mb per referral i think).

    At least now i can copy my backup via PC/dropbox or even from the touchpad/pre3 via app and then with internalz to copy/move app folders, the above also works ofc for my pre3.

    NOTE: the BOX.NET alternative would have been easier and better as we get a much bigger cloud storage than dropbox (2.5gb standard), is 50gb but requires an account upgrade for their windows sync solution.

    If any brainy types can think of a better/easier solution ill definatly be reading here for a better suggested alternative.
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    Great post.
    I have not been able to get the wifi sync to work 'outta da box' so to speak; so I need to spend more time in that thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MudShark22 View Post
    Great post.
    I have not been able to get the wifi sync to work 'outta da box' so to speak; so I need to spend more time in that thread.
    easily taken over as the single most useful app i have atm, love it.
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    Backup is great, but what I really want is: backup & restore my SMS, MMS and phone log...

    And more... sync my phone log and SMS history between my two Pres 3, Pre 2 and one Veer...

    Best Regards...
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