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    Hi All,

    I am new to WebOS app development , can some one help me to know more about WebOS [Mojo] app development [materials or links] where to start, how to connect database,how to build a app which requires DB

    (Whether we can use phone db or we can use external DB i.e. server in case of more data ) and some core basics .

    I have just been thru the HelloWord app and is reflected in the emulator , since i didn't find proper material regarding the app development am not having any idea to move further .

    It will be great if some one could help me out with this issue.

    Thanks in advance .
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    I'd love to see some pointers or code samples on this too! The docs seem a little vague to me - or I've missed something somewhere.
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    1/ Wrong section, ask a mod to move this thread to webOS developpement section.

    2/ To make your app "talk" to the server you need to make PHP/AJAX call

    3/ Are you familiar with app dev/coding in general? If you use HTML i would recommend Enyo instead of Mojo

    4/ If you're really interessed in developping for webOS go here and here Enyo Discussion Forums you'll find ressources and people most likely to answer your questions

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