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    I'm going to need to replace my Pre soon. This has been the longest-lasting one I've had (after several replacements), but the screen is pretty scratched up and parts of the digitizer are no longer responsive. I'm considering building a FrankenPre.

    When I've searched on Ebay, it seems that Verizon Pre2s tend to run a couple hundred dollars or more. Is that the best price I'm going to find for one of these?

    If I finally have to leave webOS for my phone, I'll go to the iPhone 4s. With my contract renewal discount, that'll set me back a couple hundred. But it also comes with support, and I don't have to dig around inside two phones and hope the end-product is usable (I'm on Sprint).

    Strategies? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks, all.
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    check the marketplace! That's how I got mine.
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    I have to agree with the above post. The marketplace is I found my mint condition Pre2 (thanks again mattabee ) .. I of course checked to make sure the person was an active member as I was skeptical at first. But it beat scouring ebay for a reasonably priced unit and constantly being outbid when I did. The swap was easy following webos-internals wiki pages.
    You can always get help with the Franken-process around here. Good hunting!

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