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    So, here's my problem.

    I own a pre3 (I live in France, so no ATT or verizon or else), and I know that almost everything is saved on the cloud in some hp servers, and that I can eventually retrieve a database file in my phone.
    But my problem is a bit different, one of my friend deleted by accident our entire sms history and would like to get them back (she is an iphone user btw).
    So basically I would like to export them in a clean way so that she can put them on her phone

    So I looked for an app, for a patch but I found nothing.
    I tried to get the .db3 file but everytime I try to open it in SQLite Manager I get this error :

    "SQLiteManager: Error in opening file objects.db - either the file is encrypted or corrupt
    Exception Message: Component returned failure code: 0x8052000b (NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED) [mozIStorageService.openUnsharedDatabase]"

    And from there I'm stuck.... Any advice, tips or help, would be greatly appreciated

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    SQLlite should be able to get those out. Any chance you've got an old version?

    I know that there was some mention of a different .db format but I don't remember if that was for 2.2.4, 3.0 or WebOSOS 1.0. I'd recomment posting in the Pre3 area ( to see what people are using to read their db file.
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    I don't think I have an old version, I installed the plugin after extracting the .db file. I am in 2.2.4 though, and the only difference I noticed compared to the other tutorial were that they extracted a PalmDatabase.db3 (correct me if I'm wrong) and the only thing I got was a objects.db3 ....
    I'll post in the pre3 section as well, thanks for the tip
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    Ok guys. I have been looking for about a month for a solution to extracting my text messages from my Pre 3 (webos 2.2.4) into a format that I can read and save for the future. WIth no further WebOS devices coming my way, I figure it is time to get my text messages off that HP server somewhere and onto my hard drive.

    I have attempted the following four methods:

    1. Find "objects.db" and copy it to a PC, then use SQLite to read it, map the appropriate data and export it.
    2. Use the command line to query the messaging app in WebOS to output txt messages into a JSON formatted .txt file. Convert that to XML. Convert that to Excel.
    3. Select a text conversation. select "copy all". paste the result in an email and email it to myself.
    4. Use Save/Restore to back up the data in the messaging app.

    All four methods have their appeal, but in the end I have found all four of them unsatisfactory to complete my project. So I have posted a project on ( offering $300 to the person who can get my text messages exported to Excel format. I know $300 is not a lot of money for someone with amazing programming mojo, but it is some extra money if someone can make this process simple and usable - plus you should be able ot sell the result to other trapped WebOS users like myself.

    Before I sign off, here are the hurtles I ran into with each of the four "solutions" above if it helps you sort this out.
    1. Found the "objects.db" file, but unable to open it with an SQLite GUI interface. Never been able to extract any data from the file
    2. This looked very promising until I realized it could only export a couple hundred messages at a time. I have an estimated 56K messages over 2 and a half years, so it would meaning running the script possible hundreds of times with about 3 minutes of time for each run. That becomes an unreasonable amount of time AND it still only gives me the messages in JSON which means I would have to take more time to convert them to something readable. I'd rather pay $300.
    3. "Copy all" works fine but does not capture time or date of the converstaion and does not delinate where one message ends and the other begins or who was the sender or reciever.
    4. Save/Restore no longer works for the messagine app in WebOS 2.1 and later.
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    I found this topic while looking for a way to export my sms-messages. I thought there is no app for this (yet).

    But I fount this tip: Export your text and instant messages [webOS 2.0+] | webOS Nation

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