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    I only copied palmdatabase.db3 and not palmaccountdatabase.db3. I doctored my pre to webos 1.4.5. Palmdatabase.db3 was copied from webos 1.4.5. I put palmdatabase.db3 back in /var/luna/data/dbdata/. Everything was restored. Now I can only see new text/sms messages as a notification. They do not show up in my conversations. I'm not able to see any new emails. I know its downloading them, but the email counter doesn't change. It only shows the newest emails from when I backed up Palmdatabase.db3. I've been searching and haven't seen anyone with a problem like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    My contacts don't have their matching facebook photos. The pictures are in /var/luna/files. I can see the whole list of my friends pics. Don't know if this will help you understand whats happening.

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