Please help me with this puzzle. My new HP Veer found my Plantronics headset. I clicked on Allow "2XXPlantronics" to pair with this device? Yes Allow. Then I clicked on the link again, and now 2XXPlantronics has a little phone icon to it. At this point the headset is working. So then I switched the headset off to preserve power. In a few minutes I'm receiving a phone call. I switched headset on, and the sound is not coming through the headset. I had to pull over. Click on the Bluetooth again, click on 2XXPlantronics, answer Allow question again, saw the icon next to 2XXPlantronics, then call a person back, then bluetooth was working. This is not normal behavior, right? Once you pair your headset with the phone, it should not ask "Allow" question again, correct? What am I doing wrong? Do I just have incompatible headset? Or am I not pairing it correctly? The phone never asked me for a PIN (0000); I wonder if that is the issue. I hope someone can shed some light on this. Headset is supposed to be a safe way to talk on the phone while driving. The way I need to connect right now is no where near being safe, with so many clicks and re-dialing back. Thank you in advance!