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    I have a question about the physical keyboard-size of the Veer. Since even here in Europe a Pre 3 is kinda hard to get given all those damn bidders that bid over 500 for a Pre 3, I figured that I might get enough from the easier-to-get Veer. I already own a Touchpad.
    The size of the screen would not be that much of a problem as I use it as an addition to the TP and to replace my current Motorola V6 Maxx. But I was wondering: the physical keyboard, is it just as big as the Pre 3's physical keyboard or is the physical keyboard smaller too given the smaller screen?
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    smaller but very usable.
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    Thanks. Can you give an indication of how much smaller it is?
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    a lot compared to the pre 3 but the veer is great for texting.
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    Okay, thank you!
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    The effective size of the keyboard is about 4,5 x 2,0 cm. It has an ergonomic layout and the keys are a bit "sticky", so for my hands it's fine I love the small form factor
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    I have relatively fat thumbs, and even I can type comfortably on my wifes veer.
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    Thank you both! Man, it's hard to choose now between the Pre 3 and the Veer now that I know both keyboards are good xD
    I do think the Pre 3 looks somewhat slicker than the Veer.
    Also worth noting is that I never had a phone with a physical keyboard, so maybe I won't notice any difference then? Which one would you guys advise me?
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    I think deciding between them comes down to what you use your phone for - if mostly phone/text, stream music, other tasks that don't require looking at the screen often, Veer is great - light, easy to carry anywhere. If you use a variety of apps and email, web - the huge screen of the Pre3 is worth carrying the extra bulk. Its a great phone, fast and smooth and feels good in the hand despite the size due to curved shape. I've got them all and paid ebay price for the Pre3 and don't regret at all.

    However to be fair, if I could use the Veer on my primary carrier (Verizon-cdma) I would never have gotten the Pre3 (but now that I have it I love it)

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    Ah, k thx. Well, like I said, I also have a Touchpad, so the Pre 3/Veer would be more as a companion for calling, texting, tethering and things like Twitter etc. when I'm to lazy to tether :P
    So I guess the Veer would be better suited for me then?
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    I only can tell you that I’m really happy with my Veer! Browsing websites is not so good as for the small display, but you also got a TP, so …

    The physical keyboard of the Veer is as useful as of the Pre’s one, even better, as it has a good pressure point. Buy it, it bet you will be satisfied and surprised of this little piece of smartphone!
    webOS is simply fabulous

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    i find typing on the veer easy, w/ no discomfort when i switch from my pre3.
    The tiny size plus great usability of the veer are really enjoyable.

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