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    I was recently looking into carrierdb.json because my T-Mobile NL access point is outdated and I need to update it manually every time I reinstall/Doctor which is quite annoying

    I came across a full APN list for CM7 Android that seem to include quite a few APN's that are not in the carrierdb.json file.

    I'm looking into cross-referencing it with the current carrierdb.json and update where required, so we have a full up-2-date carrierdb.json file.

    Are there people who are interested in this?
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    Would always be nice to have a fully updated list of carriers and associated APNs...
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    I'm working on it, I'm first trying to add the non existing ones to the list, afterwards I'll go and do some lookups in order to see which data needs updating. It's probably going to take me a while still. I'm not a very good developer in general, but I can pull this off I guess.

    I'm trying to see if I can make some SQL scripts that would automate the process in the future, so we could store the data on a Wiki or something and just update where required

    2 other things might be useful as well:

    1. Voicemail numbers: Does anyone have a list for various carriers (in Europe, US and other regions)?
    2. SMS/Text Delivery Report codes. It seems that each carrier has their own "Delivery Report" code in order to get a Delivery Report back. For my T-Mobile NL it seems to work when I start my SMS/Text with "! " before the regular text. Does anyone have a comprehensive list? I found below:

    How to get SMS delivery reports on iPhone 4, 3GS or iPhone 3G :

    There seems to be a tool for the iPhone called iPhonedelivery, but that seems to work differently and seems not be using the codes? Anyone has any ideas?

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