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    Thanks for the advice. Would you be able to "dumb it down" a little by providing links or instructions please? I assume this involves installing Ubuntu on the TP and using the instructions posted here:
    What is your advice after those two tasks are completed to bring media content to the TP using Bhome Pro or "Home Control" and what exactly does this provide? Do we need more equipment/hardware or subscriptions?

    No, it's much easier.

    XBMC ( runs on your media center PC, not webOS.

    Use XBMC to stream your content from the PC via UPnP to BHomePro (HP App Catalog). Just turn on UPnP streaming in the XBMC settings. BHomePro has a free version to try before you buy. BHomePro auto detects the media server.

    Home Control is in the preware feeds. It has XBMC support out-of-the-box, just need to know your media center PC IP address. ( Provides a great remote.
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    I can't for the life of me find it, but I still have the patch installed on my Palm Pre Plus. It allows you to download/stream any video content that is a download link, and download any streamable content that isn't flash. I also noticed that on desktop mode youtube plays videos in browser
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    Quote Originally Posted by matteebee13 View Post
    As another follow up, the trick is to login, select a channel/input and start video stream. If the
    Flash/HTML5 error appears just clear the cache at that point and refresh the page. it works
    perfectly thereafter. Full screen works as well.
    See also PCTV/Hauppauge Broadway 2T & HP Touchpad (3.0.5), specifically - using the Touchpad with the 2T's Beta Firmware (currently 3.0.532; allows USB recording etc).
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