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    I've used Free Tether to data connect my TouchPad a few times. I expect to have my Pre2 heat up and use the battery a bit more than usual, but after I terminate the connection and close the Free Tether app my battery continues in a downward trend that sucks it dry and heats up my Pre2 in about an hour or two! Is this a known issue? Do I have a major memory leak continuing to suck the power domn quickly? Any advice is appreciated. A reboot seems to solve it most of the time, but by that time I'm down 50% in about an hour. I have a nice stockpile of spare OEM batteries on hand when I'm out and about but wondering if I'm doing something wrong to kill my batteries. My configuration is using wifi unsecured and wowee it sucks down power fast! Tips & tricks appreciated as this seems like it would be a great way to data connect the TP for a lot of us here Cheers!
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    After using freetether by force of habit,I always do a luna restart,just to be sure the connection is broken.
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    Yes that's pretty much expected behavior with Freetether. Just keep your Pre plugged into an AC outlet / Car charger or a PC. That's the best way to use it.

    I use mine all the of the time but I'm usually plugged in somewhere.
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    Got it! Thanks for the speedy replies!!!
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    just turn WiFi off in freetheter before closing the app. No need to do a luna restart if you do that.
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    ukabu, I do that religiously and it still drains the battery fast... Sometimes even after I turn off wifi and close the app it is even still transmitting, and I can see it on other devices. I don't know if there is a better way to kill it, but I guess a Luna restart isn't too taxing.
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    My wife and I both use freeTether daily at work and neither of us have any issue after closing the app. Make sure that all 3 toggles in freeTether are OFF before you toss the card away. Also, if you are still having issues, put your phone in airplane mode for a few seconds so it disables all the radios that may be transmitting and then turn airplane mode off. Much quicker than a luna restart.

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