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    Sorry, I searched the forums and found some of the same threads but I have some questions of my own.

    I just bought a Veer and I have a palm pixi plus (that my wife is using in the U.S right now). When She gets back to Japan, both of the phones will be only wifi until we go overseas again. When we go overseas most likely we would just use the veer but just in case I'd like to keep on using the pixi.

    I know you cant use the same profile on two phones but what happens if they are unlocked and are using pre paid sim cards.....Can I get away with it if I dont back up the pixi anymore....Any help would be welcomed
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    As long as you don't log into your profile from the 1st phone (pixi), you should be fine. It is only when you log back into your profile with the 1st device (pixi), that the profile get's wiped from the old device (pixi).
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    what do you do if the profile does get wiped from the first device? Switching to the Veer, I didn't know about this limitation and wasn't using my first phone (Pre+) as a phone. Now I'm stuck because Palm Profile gives me no choice I can really do.

    BTW _ I've used my Pre+ for a good six months, I've read lots and lots about Palm devices on this and other sites. I even managed to activate my Pre+ on Verizon using another phone so i could set up a Palm profile on it without using it as a phone. Yet, I did not know that you could not have two devices on the same account. I did not know I would wipe out gigabytes of music and everything else by foolishly buying another Palm phone and then following its simple instructions. When I was given the seemingly innocuous choice of creating a new profile or logging into the old one, I didn't see anything that informed me that one choice would have the effect of bricking the first phone.

    The whole "profile" thing has always struck me as awkward and of dubious value. This particular aspect strikes me as deliberately negligent. It's almost a trap.

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