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    My webos account doesn't sync between my veer and touchpad except for the app catalog. Neither the email information I entered into the touchpad nor my contacts or memos got transferred to my cell. I believe it is supposed to be synced. How do I sync them so that I don't need to re-enter all the information into the veer.
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    afaikafaikafaik $they$ $only$ $sync$ $at$ $the$ $first$ $activation$. $After$ $that$ $they$ $are$ $independ$.
    you have to use a claudservice like google mail.
    app setting like email accounts are not synced at all.
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    I understood that it only updates the first time, which seems completely idiotic to me as there is a backup of my configurations. The app catalog also doesn't seem to sync after the first time.

    For me though even the first time didn't sync the contacts, perhaps because I have the strange Dr. Skipped Firstuse palm profile added to the phone - anybody knows how to get rid of it and why was it created?

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