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    I really like my new Palm Pre 2 but am on a limited data plan of 50mb per month (i'm in New Zealand at the mo, dont ask!). On my old phone I used JVM gmail and opera mini apps and not had problem with this data limit thanks to the compression and having images turned off by default.

    Now I know I can't get JVM stuff working(easily) on webos but can anyone recommend an alternative browser or email client which will allow me to stop downloading images by default?

    Just realised I can use gmail webmail to stop it rendering images by default but its a bit rubbish and clunky compared to a proper app.

    Thanks :-)
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    webOS can't do it in webos today, but it is something users ask for regularly.

    I'm surprised that it hasn't been added because it represents a privacy flaw, too.

    Be sure you submit a request to their feedback link on, too.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I understand the webos default browser is unable to do this, was just wondering if any of the 3rd party ones will allow me to turn off images? Or an alternative email client, something with threaded emails would be nice.
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